Who We Are

A young team, dynamic, professional and futuristic.  Spokesperson of an innovative system which aims at maintaining the traditional concept of fitness integrating it with modern technology, so as to give the client a full immersion on what today represents two cardinal points for our society: innovation and well-being.

coach Matteo Pappagallo mind power
Matteo Pappagallo
Co-Founder, Sole Director, and Fitness Management. He has been an active part of the fitness sector for years, first of all as an enthusiast and secondly as a worker, with a university education in biological sciences behind him. My goal is to bring an innovative, 360° vision of fitness and make it understandable through correct scientific communication.
Marketing and Sales Manager
Michele Sermoneta member
Michele Sermoneta
Solid accademic formation in biology and with a professional, significant experience in managing sales and marketing activity in a company dealing with health and well-being. His technical and managerial skills allow him to successfully coordinate teamwork in sales and develop effective marketing strategies for the company.

Scientific committee

The scientific committee is a consulting body and of support to the experts of Mindpower Personal Training srls that  represents the interface of the firm regarding the scientific and academic realm.

It is made up of specially chosen members among experts and scholars, figures of high value with many years of experience of research in clinical and remedial cures for chronic patients.

A poignant Message:  Mindpower Personal Training srls wants to give a high quality and interdisciplinary service to its clients with the help of experts in their field.

The scientific team committee is not part of the firm but an autonomous group of neurologists, clinicians and researchers who will better help the firm understand the updates in the scientific field along with the clinical experiments.

Principle Aims of the Scientific Committee

The principle duties of the scientific committee are:

  • develop a scientific vision of the firm with its own philosophy regarding an approach towards research, to scientific updates and new models for improving the clients’ life-style and the work of professionals involved in a company;
  • inform the users of the mindpowerpersonaltraining.it link and the social channels regarding the more recent of all, scientific aspects on areas of the firm’s activities;
  • advise professionals of the company regarding clinical experiments, integrative cures and non-pharmacological cures;
  • divulge notions and principal research


  • be the intermediary between international research;
  • contributing to the preparation of the newsletter by choosing scientific articles;
  • the general organization of trimester Webinar, selecting themes requested by clients or professionals in the company;
  • collaborate with those in the committee with other medical professionals.


Hanna Mayouf Medico Chirurgo
Hanna Mayouf
Degree in medicine and surgery, specialization in cardiology Catholic University, DEA S. Spirito Hospital Rome.
foto marco pappagallo member
Marco Pappagallo
Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY, currently Chief Clinical Officer, Relmada Therapeutics, Director, NY Med Home for Chronic Pain in...

The technical scientific committee for the technological part is completed by a group of managers of the Albo Ministry of Economic Development on the issues of digitization, IoT, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.

Personal Trainer

matteo pappagallo member
Matteo Pappagallo
Matteo Pappagallo Personal Trainer, certified nutritional and supplementation consultant with training in biology. I have attended numerous professional training courses, participated in seminars, and have years of study and experience in the field behind me. I offer you my method, with which I will provide you with the means necessary to achieve your goals with a completely personalized path.

Work in Progress

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  • Information packed practical training.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Practical assignments at the practical training.










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