Diet Program and Personalized Workout

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Our training program includes a tailored path aimed at improving your physical fitness and overall health.

This program will be specifically designed for you after a thorough 360-degree subjective analysis to understand your needs.

The training program will be structured into multiple weekly sessions based on your capabilities, and it will be complemented by nutritional and supplementation advice to ensure you have the necessary energy for life’s challenges.

The entire journey will include regular check-ins with the coach to monitor the results achieved and, if necessary, make adjustments.

Overall, everything will be designed to help you efficiently, safely, and continuously monitor your progress to reach your fitness and wellness goals.

“A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

What does the personalized program include?

Free initial consultation and check-in.

Before proceeding with the purchase of this program, can you provide a free initial consultation?

Tailored training.

Customized training plan tailored to each specific case.

Nutritional and supplementation advice.

Personalized nutrition with preliminary health screening.

Progress monitoring.

Your journey will be assisted and monitored through state-of-the-art technologies, maximizing your progress.

Program updates.

Do you want to modify your training plan while it's in progress? No problem, you have maximum flexibility.

Constant support.

A team of professionals always ready to address any of your needs via WhatsApp and email.

Video board.

Video tips, daily snippets for leading a healthy and balanced life.

Informative blog.

"Scientific updates through our free articles."

Our customized workouts differ in price only based on their duration. We recommend booking a free initial consultation, and then you can choose the duration of the plan that suits you best.

1 Month

Fully customized tailored training including all services.

2 Month

Fully customized tailored training including all services.

3 Month

Fully customized tailored training including all services.

4 Month

Fully customized tailored training including all services.


Meta 100

Reach your maximum potential with the ‘Meta 100’ package.

Combat Sarcopenia, regain your strength, and restore joint mobility for an active life without limits.

Sarcopenia is a condition that leads to a progressive loss of muscle mass and strength, which can occur with aging.

It is a common condition among people over 50, resulting in decreased muscle tissue and motor function, factors that compromise quality of life and accelerate the aging process.

"Healthy muscle section (left) and muscle affected by Sarcopenia (right).

Join the Meta 100 program

Fully customized tailored program, complete with all services