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.governmental agency;

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.activities of qualified system except non-profit organizations, charity societies or fund raising      groups for charity activity that cannot add a hypertext link to our site.

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.commercial information sources and/or known consumers;

.sites of point. Com community

.associations or other groups that represent charity activity

.internet portals

.consulting agencies, legal and accounting revision;

.educational institutes and professional associations.

We will approve requests for links from these organizations if:

  1. a) the link will not place us in an unfavorable position, for us and for our registered activities;
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The organizations approved can add a hyper textual link at our site as follows:

.using our company name;

.using the linked uniform resource locator;

.using whatever description of our site regarding the context or form of contents on the third party site.

You may not use a logo or Mindpower Training srls images for links in case of lack of commercial licensing agreement.


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We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information present in the site.  We do not guarantee that the information is complete or precise, nor do we promise to assure that the site remains available or that the material on the site will be constantly updated.


Wherein the maximum measures allowed by law, we exclude every representation, guarantee and condition correlated to our site and use of the same.  Nothing in this exclusion of responsibility:

.limits or excludes our or your responsibility for death or personal injuries;

.limits or excludes our  or your responsibility for fraud or wrong fraudulent representation;

.limits our or your responsibility in a non-excluding way by law.

The limitations and voids of responsibilities indicated in this section and in other parts of this exclusion of responsibility: a) are subject to the preceding paragraph; b) all the correlated responsibilities govern this exclusion of responsibility, including those correlated with the contract, wrong or violation of normative obligations.

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